Congratulations on VSU Annual Meeting With good wishes "create a better and happy future" into 2021!

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In the Spring of 2020, the novel coronavirus pneumonia is spreading in China. Epidemic prevention and control is a people's War, the concerted efforts of the Chinese people have gradually brought the epidemic under control, this is the strong spirit of the Chinese nation!

Looking back to 2020, it is a year full of hardships and challenges, it is the most inspiring and exciting year in the company's development history, Under the correct leadership of chairman Zhang and general manager Xie, and with the unity and cooperation of all employees, all departments work diligently, diligently, and actively, and have successfully completed the target tasks assigned by the company.

On December 18th 2020, all employees of VSU gathered together and held a grand annual meeting. some partners and important customers were invited to witness VSU: all the staff summed up the achievements and shortcomings of the past year, shared the happiness and joy of this year, and looked forward to the direction and goals of the next year.


VSU's achievement today is the result of unlimited efforts, concerted efforts, unity and hard work of all employees. At the same time, the company's development and achievements are inseparable from the strong support of our business partners. Because of their support and assistance, VSU have been able to spend this difficult year smoothly. Thanks very much for their support all the way!

Looking forward to 2021, I hope we can work together for a win-win situation and a better future. We believe that with the efforts of solidarity, mutual support and continuous innovation, we will open a new chapter of development and make more brilliant achievements. I believe that we can harvest more success and happiness at the same time!

On the occasion of the new year of 2021, VSU wishes you a happy new year, smooth work, good health, and happy family. Every year is getting better and better!

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copyright ©  VSU (ZHUHAl) CO.,LTD