VSU 2020 Fire Drill

Click: Time:2021-01-04 16:38:37

In order to further improve the safety awareness of all employees, enhance their self-protection ability, learn to extinguish fire and conduct orderly evacuation of personnel and finance, ensure the safety of employees' lives and property, let us further understand and master the fire treatment process and improve the coordination and cooperation ability in the process of handling emergencies, our company Organized an early warning fire drill for all the staff at 8:15am on December 26th, 2020. The exercise is divided into three stages: fire safety knowledge publicity, fire extinguisher use and practical operation, water gun fire hydrant use explanation and practical operation. The whole exercise was participated by all the staff, which took 50 minutes, and it was achieved the expected effect.

Through this fire drill, everyone's awareness of safety and fire fighting ability have been enhanced. All staff have a further understanding of fire safety knowledge. Everyone has operated fire extinguisher and learned how to use fire extinguisher to improve the ability of responding to fire. During the fire drill, the organizational ability, command ability and response ability of each working group were also trained. We believe that with the joint efforts of all, we will definitely make fire safety better.

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copyright ©  VSU (ZHUHAl) CO.,LTD